Experiment Session 1: Introduction to Digital Logic

1 Chip Pin Sheet

74LS00 Pin Sheet

74LS02 Pin Sheet

74LS04 Pin Sheet
74LS08 Pin Sheet
74LS32 Pin Sheet

2 Recommended Operation Conditions

3 Experiment Lecture

Click here to download experiment lecture (format: .docx)

Click here to download experiment lecture (format: .pdf)

4 Experiment Report

Click her to download experiment report template (foramt: .docx)

Finish the following questions:

  • Required Questions:

Question 7.1.1

Question 7.2.1

Question 7.2.2

Question 7.3.1

Question 7.3.2

  • Optional Questions:

Question 7.1.2

Question 7.2.3

Question 7.3.3

5 Report Format and Deadline

  • Report Format: electrical document, .doc/.docx/.pdf will be OK.
  • Deadline: Before the end of this semester.
  • Mailbox: chengkaiupc@163.com

Attention: You would get zero for your experiment if you didn’t send the report to me before the deadline or to the right mailbox.

6 Contact Me

If you have any question, please leave a message below this passage or send me an email, I will be pleasure to help you.


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